Carving the silence of the Tree Bark

Trivandrum based artist Reshma Thomas recently exhibited her latest installments titled ‘Secret Metamorphosois’, a collection of ‘Bark’ paintings at Golf Club, Trivandrum.

The event was inaugurated by Dr.Meena T Pillai, B.Arundathi, G.Venugopal and Unni R.

Her canvas gracefully speaks about the power of transformation and emotions that we go through in life. Her latest works gives us a closer look to understand the beauty, shapes and toughness of bark in trees, which reflects the transformation it had gone through in each season and in all weather. The tree barks and colors used in each canvas tell a unique story, letting us explore the deeper perspective of life.

The exhibition held from 18th to 21st featured 40 paintings and used tree barks of Mahogany and Anjili. A photography contest titled “Changing Perspectives” was also held as part of the exhibition and the first place was bagged by P.Abhijith.

Big Screen

Have a look at this week’s releases and make plans to blast your weekend with your friends and family!




Insidious: The Last Key (A)

Director: Adam Robitel

Stars: Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller


Trailer link:




Diwanji Moola Grand Prix (U)

Director: Anil Radhakrishnan Menon

Stars: Kunchacko Boban, Nyla Usha, Nedumudi Venu

Genre: Comedy, Thriller


Trailer link:




Eeda (U)

Director: B Ajithkumar

Stars: Shane Nigam, Nimisha Sajayan, Surabhi Lakshmi, Alancier

Genre: Romance- Drama


Trailer link:

The sensational Suman

Suman is a well-known face in Kannada Film Industry or, how it’s known popularly, Sandalwood. She is best known for her work in the Sunil Kumar Desai’s directorial film ‘Re’ as Preethi and has starred opposite Kannada film stars like Ramesh Aravind and Anant Nag. She began her career as a commercial model during college days and credits Krishna Joshi for her entry into big screen. She is currently preparing for her debut in Tamil film industry and loves to get a name across the South Indian film industry.

What do you love about being an actress?

I love everything about being an actress, starting from roll-camera-action to the role changes. It still thrills me that I can be a totally different person. I call it amazing because each time you flip you get into a new style, new fashion and something new to experiment and to explore.

Roles you are seek next?

With every role I would like to grow. So I wish to pick up some roles that are out of the box, will try to do some different genres that will help me build my career in this industry. As of now I am looking for a women oriented film.

Are you a coffee or tea person?

I’m a tea sipper.

Your fashion statement?

You have to be comfortable in whatever you wear and be confident.

Beauty mantra?

I believe that if you are fit, then you will be beautiful.

Your shopping stop?

I shop wherever I go, but dream to shop in London.

Words by Anushree Udayakumar
Photographs by Rathin
Retouch by Goutham Narayanan
Designer: Sonia Ja
Makeup: Manjunath Narayan Swamy



No Strings Attached: Cut a Vibe

A four member band from Trivandrum started their journey into the stream of music towards the end of 2016 and since then they have been performing non-stop. They aim to blend different styles and genres and cut their vibe in the music world.

Meet the band:

Vocalist/Guitarist: Crishna, a versatile singer whose voice keeps the audience mesmerized, is capable of singing multiple styles of music. Most of the musical performances of the band are composed by him. He had earlier associated with projects like The Anju Joseph Project, Karnatrix, Dark Prophecy, and Reflections.

Drummer: Ananthu, who previously worked on projects with Job Kurian, Karnatix, Gowry Lakshmi and Prog Rock band is a versatile drummer, whose rhythm plays in different genre with smoothness.

Keyboardist: Pranav is an excellent keyboard player, whose finger can’t stop creating music once it hits the keys. He plays instruments like samples, pads, piano etc.

Bassist: Brian is a multi-instrumentalist and a sound engineering graduate from SEA. His command over various instruments has always enriched the music he creates.

If Looks Could Kill: Shiyas Kareem

Meet Shiyas Kareem, a much appealing face dominating the fashion industry. He was introduced to the world of ramps and shows in 2010 and hasn’t turned back since. This charmer with sharp cheekbones started off as a football player before turning his attention to modelling. He was selected as Best Model in the All India Model Hunt in 2010 and has been dominating shows since then. He has walked the ramp at Fashion Weeks and Leagues in Cochin, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. He is well sought by brands and his portfolio includes names like Peter England and Raymond. He had his stint on the silver screen through Jayaraj’s ‘Veeram’ and is waiting for his next releases ‘Captain’ and ‘Lolans’.

Words by Anushree Udayakumar
Photographs by Jibin

Painting the Unspoken: Reshma Thomas

Trivandrum based artist Reshma Thomas proved through her brush strokes that art speaks louder than words. Like the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, her works break the barriers of language, distance and culture. Her canvas always touched the most sensitive, unsaid issues that were casted out or that were hushed in the society.

It was merely a fascination towards colors that later blended with her cause, letting her create an abstract style and a tool to express her mind. “My art stands for silence, especially for the silenced community”, is what she says about her works.  It’s the story of a human being told through the strokes of colors. Her works: ‘A is for Art’, ‘Mind Network’, ‘Identity’ and ‘Imprints’ addressed the issues faced by third gender especially in Kerala and other issues that haunts our society. Each of her work is a reflection of an emotion associated with the community; oppression, depression, and solidarity. Her strong interest in humanity let her emotions see through vibrant colors.

She believes that it’s an artist responsibility to bring attention to unarticulated issues and spread awareness through creative expression. Currently she is working on the story of transformation called ‘The Secret Metamorphosis’, which will be exhibited at Golf Links, Trivandrum on 18th January, 2018.

Words by Anushree Udayakumar
Photos by Reshma Thomas

The Voice of Vibe: Crishna

For Crishna, establishing a foothold in the music world wasn’t easy. He had his share of struggles and rejections before he could rise to what he is now. He started off young as a student of classical music, training under mentors like Vaikundam Thambi and Irinjalakuda Vijayakumar who heavily contributed to his style and mode. However, he found his niche with the formation of musical band ‘Cut-A-Vibe’ that gave him a chance for soulful rendition of ‘Kunnikuru’, giving him his first break. ‘Saakadai Pechu’, ‘Highway to Sky’, ‘Virahame’ are among his other hit songs.

“Right from the start I knew what I want to do and whom I want to pick for my band:  Brian (Bass), Pranav (Keys) and Anandhu (Drums). We all had a great vibe in common and is deeply reflected in the music we create”.  He believes that music has no barriers, so before becoming a playback singer he wants to test his own barriers by exploring different musical genre.

Crishna has previously worked as a lead vocalist under a metal band ‘Dark Prophecy’ and later he voiced songs for John Antony’s international band ‘Karnatrix’. He is currently working on the video release of ‘Kunnikuru’ with his band mates, which is set to be released early in 2018.

Words by Anushree Udayakumar
Photographs by Cut-A-Vibe

Gauri Nainika: The Timeless Collection

Gauri & Nainika Karan launched their label Gauri & Nainika in January 2002 in New Delhi. An evening-wear brand with styles ranging from cocktail dresses to elaborate bespoke gowns, the label offers glamorous, elegant and chic clothing for women. With a design philosophy that is distinctly feminine and European, their collections are being retailed at exclusive boutiques in India and the Middle East.

Inspired by European fashion history, art, music, books, personalities, theatre, old Hollywood, red carpet glamour and pictures of their mother from the 70s, the brand has always had an extremely feminine and romantic design philosophy with styles that are luxurious yet understated. With a strong emphasis on fabric, cut and color, the designs focus on shape and flattering silhouettes. By combining tailoring with drapery, the garments are meticulously crafted and have a timeless appeal where old world charm, fantasy and elegance are brought bang up to date. Femininity forms the essence of the label where the paradoxical combination of drama and subtlety can be seen in even its simplest styles.

The label caters to those who like to dress with a sense of occasion. The styles are for a self-determining woman who is sophisticated, elegant and embraces femininity in fashion.

Gauri & Nainika Karan grew up in New Delhi. Though originally students of Economics, they were always inclined towards fashion and the creative arts. After studying at The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT, New Delhi), they launched their ready-to-wear label Gauri & Nainika. They grew up inspired by the classics and the romantic look of old Hollywood heroines such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly whose timeless elegance has been incorporated in their designs.

Words by Indu S Nair
Photographs from Gauri&Nainika, Various Internet Sources


Top destinations for the season

New York, USA

Holidays in the Big Apple are legendary, thanks to numerous movies. The lights, celebrations and the dusting snow give the night a magical feel. The world’s tallest Christmas tree is lit at the Rockefeller Center early in December. Ice skating and shopping (and window shopping) in New York’s largest department stores is a must. Finish off with the famed New York Ballet performance of “The Nutcracker” straight out of Central Casting.

Zurich, Switzerland

The mountains, snowline, cobbled streets and chocolate-box – what better could you hope for? Switzerland, the exotic location gets an extra-appeal during December. Local markets, including the one in the train station, are the biggest highlight. Attractions like festival-themed city strolls, the enchanting all-singing Christmas tree that comes alive on Werdmuhleplatz are not to be missed.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Hit the beach this season with fellow travelers for a change! Bondi is the opposite of your ideal northern-hemisphere winter. Sun, sand and surf replacing snow, fairy lights, and red caps!  On 31st December the beach becomes a hub for backpackers who celebrate alongside other “globetrotters.” With music bands and DJs rocking the gathering, people have the time of their lives. Don’t forget to pack; swimsuit, sunscreen, sunhat.


With night long parties on beaches, cocktails in bars, and architecture, Goa is a connotation for celebration. There’s nothing like a party at the hippest place in India. With its Roman Catholic population and Portuguese legacy, Goa is famous for celebrating Christmas with zeal and show. The party capital of India becomes livelier during December. The entire city is decorated with flowers and lights.  Even the beach shacks and restaurants serve dinners with live music.


The God’s own country is a sure shot to make into this list. Kerala can be one of the best places to celebrate your holidays. Streets are decorated and restaurants remain open all night. The restaurants offer discounts on food and drink. You need to witness the festivals to understand the local touch and the high spirits. With gorgeous beaches and serene backwaters, there’s no escape from having fun.


The French connection is evident in the soul of Pondicherry. Famous already for the exquisite architecture, cuisine and the beaches, December is a great time too. In December, Pondicherry exhibits a festive ambiance compelling you to be a part of it.  The mass on the day of Christmas in Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges (The Church of Our Lady of Angels), The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Church of the Assumption, The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, and Church of Our Lady of Good Health are quite a sight to witness.


Not much of a beach person? There is an excellent December holiday destination for those dreaming of a snow white season. Pack your bags to the snow-laden hills of Shimla in December. Here you can take a toy train ride watching snow capped hills from your cabin, eat at the various vintage cafes and restaurants at Mall Road. Why wait? Book your flights now! And find out what makes Shimla in winter one of the best places to visit in India.


There’s a certain charm to Winter being celebrated in Mumbai.  Bandra west is the area not to be missed to feel the spirit of festivities. This area is mostly inhabited by Catholics and each street and house welcomes you with lights and stars hung outside, entire month. The many churches in Mumbai such as Holy Name Cathedral, Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Gloria Church, Saint Michael’s Church, Mount Mary’s Basilica, Saint Peter’s Church, Saint Andrew’s Church and Lady of Immaculate Conception, are places where you can attend the midnight mass. Since its ‘Amchi’ Mumbai, which is also an excellent place to party, you can expect a lot of parties here as well.

Words by Akash Kaimal
Photographs from Various Internet Sources









Kannan Nayar: Caught by colors

Kannan Nayar began acting at the age of twelve in a play at school. The colorful world of cinema captured his attention years later. While in college learning visual media, he started taking acting seriously. After his stint as assistant to cameraman Azhagappan for a number of films, he shifted his focus to acting. He went on to do more than 80 dramas and 40 short films and around 10 films including the internationally acclaimed ‘Sexy Durga’, which got the national attention albeit for the wrong reasons.

 “No one cared about the content of Sexy Durga”, says this actor with a pinch of disappointment. There is no vulgarity, nudity or violence in this movie, he puts forward. This movie is a representation of the current social structure. The film depicts the adversities faced by a couple while on a late night journey and draws attention to the double standards of our patriarchal society which worships the goddess Durga but misbehaves with the women around them.

When asked if he prefers alternate cinema, he replies “Oh no, not so specific. I have found my space there for now”. He understands very clearly the importance and reach of mainstream cinema and does hope to cut his niche there too. He has been a part of three mainstream movies including Abhasam and Lilly, set to release early in 2018. As an actor he feels there should be no differentiation on the type or genre of cinema. Mainstream or alternate, it is all about the character you portray and how you act it out. He states that theatre is his first love and believes his passion for acting stems from his wish to become someone else, to be the voice of another.

He was a part of the ‘Kazhcha Indie Film Festival’ that exhibited 14 films alongside the IFFK’17. He doesn’t consider KIFF as a rebel film festival, but as a corrective force to IFFK. “IFFK is how all of us understood and knew world cinema, but currently it feels like IFFK is deviating from its established paths and interests and we hope to put forward KIFF as a reminder; Just look at KIFF as an added screen to IFFK”. When asked about future plans, he says, “Acting and more acting”, and we hope to see more of him soon!

Compiled by Anushree Udayakumar, Akash Kaimal

Photographs by Kannan Nayar