Kannan Nayar: Caught by colors

Kannan Nayar began acting at the age of twelve in a play at school. The colorful world of cinema captured his attention years later. While in college learning visual media, he started taking acting seriously. After his stint as assistant to cameraman Azhagappan for a number of films, he shifted his focus to acting. He went on to do more than 80 dramas and 40 short films and around 10 films including the internationally acclaimed ‘Sexy Durga’, which got the national attention albeit for the wrong reasons.

 “No one cared about the content of Sexy Durga”, says this actor with a pinch of disappointment. There is no vulgarity, nudity or violence in this movie, he puts forward. This movie is a representation of the current social structure. The film depicts the adversities faced by a couple while on a late night journey and draws attention to the double standards of our patriarchal society which worships the goddess Durga but misbehaves with the women around them.

When asked if he prefers alternate cinema, he replies “Oh no, not so specific. I have found my space there for now”. He understands very clearly the importance and reach of mainstream cinema and does hope to cut his niche there too. He has been a part of three mainstream movies including Abhasam and Lilly, set to release early in 2018. As an actor he feels there should be no differentiation on the type or genre of cinema. Mainstream or alternate, it is all about the character you portray and how you act it out. He states that theatre is his first love and believes his passion for acting stems from his wish to become someone else, to be the voice of another.

He was a part of the ‘Kazhcha Indie Film Festival’ that exhibited 14 films alongside the IFFK’17. He doesn’t consider KIFF as a rebel film festival, but as a corrective force to IFFK. “IFFK is how all of us understood and knew world cinema, but currently it feels like IFFK is deviating from its established paths and interests and we hope to put forward KIFF as a reminder; Just look at KIFF as an added screen to IFFK”. When asked about future plans, he says, “Acting and more acting”, and we hope to see more of him soon!

Compiled by Anushree Udayakumar, Akash Kaimal

Photographs by Kannan Nayar

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