No Strings Attached: Cut a Vibe

A four member band from Trivandrum started their journey into the stream of music towards the end of 2016 and since then they have been performing non-stop. They aim to blend different styles and genres and cut their vibe in the music world.

Meet the band:

Vocalist/Guitarist: Crishna, a versatile singer whose voice keeps the audience mesmerized, is capable of singing multiple styles of music. Most of the musical performances of the band are composed by him. He had earlier associated with projects like The Anju Joseph Project, Karnatrix, Dark Prophecy, and Reflections.

Drummer: Ananthu, who previously worked on projects with Job Kurian, Karnatix, Gowry Lakshmi and Prog Rock band is a versatile drummer, whose rhythm plays in different genre with smoothness.

Keyboardist: Pranav is an excellent keyboard player, whose finger can’t stop creating music once it hits the keys. He plays instruments like samples, pads, piano etc.

Bassist: Brian is a multi-instrumentalist and a sound engineering graduate from SEA. His command over various instruments has always enriched the music he creates.

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