Painting the Unspoken: Reshma Thomas

Trivandrum based artist Reshma Thomas proved through her brush strokes that art speaks louder than words. Like the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, her works break the barriers of language, distance and culture. Her canvas always touched the most sensitive, unsaid issues that were casted out or that were hushed in the society.

It was merely a fascination towards colors that later blended with her cause, letting her create an abstract style and a tool to express her mind. “My art stands for silence, especially for the silenced community”, is what she says about her works.  It’s the story of a human being told through the strokes of colors. Her works: ‘A is for Art’, ‘Mind Network’, ‘Identity’ and ‘Imprints’ addressed the issues faced by third gender especially in Kerala and other issues that haunts our society. Each of her work is a reflection of an emotion associated with the community; oppression, depression, and solidarity. Her strong interest in humanity let her emotions see through vibrant colors.

She believes that it’s an artist responsibility to bring attention to unarticulated issues and spread awareness through creative expression. Currently she is working on the story of transformation called ‘The Secret Metamorphosis’, which will be exhibited at Golf Links, Trivandrum on 18th January, 2018.

Words by Anushree Udayakumar
Photos by Reshma Thomas

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