The Voice of Vibe: Crishna

For Crishna, establishing a foothold in the music world wasn’t easy. He had his share of struggles and rejections before he could rise to what he is now. He started off young as a student of classical music, training under mentors like Vaikundam Thambi and Irinjalakuda Vijayakumar who heavily contributed to his style and mode. However, he found his niche with the formation of musical band ‘Cut-A-Vibe’ that gave him a chance for soulful rendition of ‘Kunnikuru’, giving him his first break. ‘Saakadai Pechu’, ‘Highway to Sky’, ‘Virahame’ are among his other hit songs.

“Right from the start I knew what I want to do and whom I want to pick for my band:  Brian (Bass), Pranav (Keys) and Anandhu (Drums). We all had a great vibe in common and is deeply reflected in the music we create”.  He believes that music has no barriers, so before becoming a playback singer he wants to test his own barriers by exploring different musical genre.

Crishna has previously worked as a lead vocalist under a metal band ‘Dark Prophecy’ and later he voiced songs for John Antony’s international band ‘Karnatrix’. He is currently working on the video release of ‘Kunnikuru’ with his band mates, which is set to be released early in 2018.

Words by Anushree Udayakumar
Photographs by Cut-A-Vibe

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